Weapons may be divided into two broad categories: melee and ranged. Some skills may only be used in conjunction with one of these two types of weapons. Melee weapons scale with the user's strength, and in the case of daggers dexterity as well; ranged weapons scale with dexterity or with intellect.

Weapons require one or two hands to use. Note that while some off-hand items inflict additional weapon damage, there is no support for proper dual-wielding. For example, a character cannot wield two swords at the same time. Also two-handed weapons, while more powerful, tend to be slower then one handed weapons.

Base Damage EquationsEdit

Note that all base damage equations listed are for standard (bright white border) or magical (light green border) weapons that do not have the "masterwork" trait. Rare (blue border) weapons deal slightly higher damage than magical ones ("slightly" could be constant 20% among all weapon types, need to confirm) and Epic (purple border, unique name given) usually deal higher damage than rare weapons (again determine equations for epic weapons).


There are one-handed and two-handed swords. One handed swords can be used by all classes except clerics, who are also prohibited from using any nonblunt weapons. Two handed swords can only be used by warriors and rangers.

Epic One-Handed Swords

Epic Two-Handed Swords


There are one-handed and two-handed axes. Axes are only usable by warriors and rangers.

Base damage equation for regular or magical (not rare or epic) two-handed axes: 9.3*item_tier + 22, round to nearest integer (round up for .5 decimal)

Epic One-Handed Axes

Epic Two-Handed Axes


There are one-handed and two-handed maces. The one-handed maces and flails are usable by warriors, clerics and rogues, while the two-handed hammers are only usable by warriors and clerics.

Epic One-Handed Maces

Epic Two-Handed Maces


Polearms are long thrusting weapons designed to be held with two hands. Because of their length they are the only melee weapons that can be used in the rear rank to attack. Polearms are only usable by warriors and rangers.

Epic Polearms


Daggers are light one-handed weapons. Daggers have an innate quickness bonus and can only be used by mages and rogues.

Base Damage ?= 4.8*tier + 12 (always round down decimal part) (confirm this)

Epic Daggers


Those long range weapons are the friend of any ranger or rogue.

Epic Bows


Those long range weapons are the friend of any ranger,warrior or rogue. They are slower but more powerful than bows.

Base Damage ?= 6.3*tier + 15 (round to closest integer) (confirm this)

Epic Crossbows


Sceptres are one handed magical rods with a long range attack. They are slow and cumbersome though.

base damage ?= 3.6*tier + 9 (round to closest integer) (confirm this)

Epic Sceptres


Staves are two handed magical rods. They have a long range attack just like sceptres but are doubly slow and cumbersome. Staves have an innate +1 power regeneration ability.

base damage ?= 6*tier + 14 (this is slightly off, tier 2692 damage is off by 1)

Epic Staves

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