War golems are magical constructs summoned by conjurors

A wargolem

to aid in battle. They are very durable, especially if the summoner has a relatively high intellect for his level. War golems also deal a good bit of damage whenever their turn rolls around, though due to their low quickness this does not happen frequently. A war golem wields an unobtainable weapon, a two-handed axe (called either a "Heavy Axe" or a "Crescent Axe") that has +10% armor piercing, and -10 quickness penalty (as opposed to the normal -5 quickness penalty for two-handed axes obtained from the Emporium).


  • Note: Everything here is valid as of v1.31 of the game. If in the future the developer edits the game and you notice something wrong, please edit this page.
  • Level is equal to the summoner's.
  • strength = (conjuror's intellect) * 0.75, rounded to nearest integer (round up for .5 decimal value)
  • 1 Dexterity.
  • Endurance is same value as strength.
  • Health = (5*endurance + 30)
  • 1 Intellect
  • 20 Quickness
  • -15 Maximum health 
  • 25% Damage Protection
  • 95% accuracy
  • 10 armor piercing
  • 1% critical hit chance
  • 150% critical hit damage
  • 60 stun recovery
  • weapon damage = 22 + 9.3*(golem level/3), rounding (golem lvl/3) up if there's any decimal part first (call result "tier"), then rounding 22+9.3*tier to nearest integer (round up in case of .5 decimal)
  • 1 enemy attention
  • 0 health regeneration
  • 5 power regeneration


  • Strike: Melee attack with equipped weapon. Inflicts (weapon damage) + (strength/2, rounded down) damage. (costs 0 power, uses full action clock)
  • Charge: Charging weapon attack against a distant enemy in the same row, inflicting 1.4*(strike damage) weapon damage. There must be a clear space between the warrior and the target. Target's current action value is reduced. (costs 35 power, uses full action clock)
  • Kick: Quick attack against a nearby enemy for (strength)*(11/25) + 8, (strength)*(11/25) rounded to nearest integer damage. If it connects, the target is pushed back. (costs 35 power, uses 1/2 action clock)

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