Voidstalkers are planar entities that are summoned by either an Acolyte or the Nexus Engine. The former creates a dark portal to send out one Voidstalker, while the latter opens a dimensional rift to send out three Voidstalkers. Voidstalkers have high evasion but with low health. They can attack with Void Strike and render their enemies with lower accuracy and evasion. Pray you are not the "Gate Keeper'.


  • Void Strike: Normal damage that can attack any target. Will inflict the Curse Condition "Darkness" (-30 accuracy, -30 evasion, 3 seconds duration).


Due to their ability to severely reduce your accuracy, they should be dealt with as soon as possible. Any form of attacks that always hit or an attack with an accuracy boost will be able to deal with them and mostly likely killing them with one shot.