Don't let their rather stylish armor fool you; Vampires are nothing but savage predators in humanoid form. Culled from the tombs of Emperor Haemon I's brutal soldiers, the unnatural life of undeath has increased their bloodthirst to literal levels while also giving them eternal loyalty to the Necromancer that reanimated them.

In battle, Vampires are one of the most persistent undead; not only do they have a rather impressive rate of health regeneration, they can drain the health of their enemies with a single attack. Coupled with their ability to strike from the shadows and paralyze foes with their stare, these hemophiliac fiends require a concentrated effort to destroy. They also boast high evasion and an improved critical hit chance, but their health is moderately low, and their resistances are non-existant.


  • Vampiric Strike: Moderate damage inflicted on any target. Can cause Bleeding (3 seconds, 8 damage per second, -50 when Healed) and drains health. Costs ?? Action circle and ?? Power.
  • Hypnotic Stare: Stun and apply the Mental Condition "Hypnotic Stare" on target (-25 Stun Recovery, 6 seconds duration, removed after action). Costs ?? Power.


Vampires are definitely targets to be saved until the end of the battle, unless you can keep up significant pressure on them. Between their rapid health regeneration and health-draining attacks, they can recover from non-lethal injuries in a matter of seconds. They rarely use their Hypnotic Stare (unless the front row of monsters is gone), but it's a low-cost power that barely depletes any of their Action Clock, allowing them to attack immediately afterwards. Top it off with a fairly high evasion stat, and you have a real pain in the neck (possibly literally).

The only real way to bring a Vampire down is to damage it faster than it can regenerate itself, a task that can be easier said than done. Poison or other "damage over time" conditions are helpful, but rarely sufficient to curb its natural regeneration; better results may be gained by also reducing the Vampire's accuracy, preventing it from landing health-draining hits. Once again, focusing everyone's attacks on the monster is key; it lacks any notable resistances, so a steady barrage of abilities (preferably with accuracy modifiers to circumvent the Vampire's evasion) will wear it down in no time at all.


A Vampire may receive the Mental Condition "Thrill of the Hunt" if they deliver a lethal hit. To be confirmed.