Emperor Haemon II undead emperor

"A new Empire awaits..."

~ Haemon's starting quote

"Guards! Attend me!"

~ Haemon using Tyrant's Call

"Kill that one!"

~ Haemon using Imperial Decree

Undead Emperors are tyrants risen from the dead. They are the potential commanders of the field. Both the Undead Emperor and the Death Knight are a dangerous duo.

In Act II, Emperor Haemon II is the risen heir of the Last Emperor, Haemon. Probably risen by the necromancer in the third floor. He fights with a Death Knight to aid his defence to the last man.



  • Attack: Normal damage to a single enemy in melee range.
  • Stunning Blow: Normal damage that may stun the enemy.


  • Born to Power: +80 Power to self.


  • Imperial Decree: Demands enemy attention for three seconds to a single enemy. Emperor says, "Kill that one!"


  • Tyrant's Call: Summon a Corpse Warrior to aid his defence. Disintergrates immediately after death. Emperor says, "Guards! Attend me!".


Keep attacking. Works every time.

In-game informationEdit


"An evil from long ago, a callous and arrogant tyrant. Though a powerful warrior in his own right, he calls on his soldiers to serve his every whim."