Emperor Haemon II undead emperor

"A new Empire awaits..."

~ Haemon's starting quote

"Guards! Attend me!"

~ Haemon using Tyrant's Call

"Kill that one!"

~ Haemon using Imperial Decree

Undead Emperors are tyrants risen from the dead. They are the potential commanders of the field. Both the Undead Emperor and the Death Knight are a dangerous duo.

In Act II, Emperor Haemon II is the risen heir of the Last Emperor, Haemon. Probably risen by the necromancer in the third floor. He fights with a Death Knight to aid his defence to the last man.



  • Attack: Normal damage to a single enemy in melee range.
  • Stunning Blow: Normal damage that may stun the enemy.


  • Born to Power: +80 Power to self.


  • Imperial Decree: Demands enemy attention for three seconds to a single enemy. Emperor says, "Kill that one!"


  • Tyrant's Call: Summon a Corpse Warrior to aid his defence. Disintegrates immediately after death. Emperor says, "Guards! Attend me!".


For all of his power, the Undead Emperor is fairly unimpressive defensively; a steady barrage of attacks should be sufficient to wear him down. However, finding time to produce said barrage can be difficult, as the Emperor begins in the back row, and is protected by a highly resilient Death Knight in the front row. To make matters worse, the Undead Emperor can and will use "Tyrant's Call" at every opportunity, reinforcing his front line with a nearly-endless supply of Corpse Warriors - since they leave no remains upon defeat, he can summon a fresh replacement every time one falls. Ranged attacks are a must against the resurrected tyrant, and other enemies should be ignored until their leader is slain.

Attempting to drain the Undead Emperor's power is unlikely to stop him from using his skills; his "Born to Power" skill will generally allow him to restore his energy faster than it can be depleted. The "Imperial Decree" is rarely a threat if you can keep your party's health up. Once the reborn heir is slain, take out his summoned minions before wearing down the Death Knight.

In-game informationEdit


"An evil from long ago, a callous and arrogant tyrant. Though a powerful warrior in his own right, he calls on his soldiers to serve his every whim."

04 Imperial Heir - Boss Fight Emperor Haemon II in World II (Monsters Den Chronicles)04:12

04 Imperial Heir - Boss Fight Emperor Haemon II in World II (Monsters Den Chronicles)

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