Thief's Luck

Skill type

Group, Buff

Power Cost


Action Cost


Buff Type


Buff Effects

+30 Accuracy, +5 Critical Hit Chance

Buff Duration

6 Seconds

Thief's Luck is a skill exclusive to the Thief Rogue. It applies a Mental buff to the whole party that raises accuracy significantly and slightly boosts critical hit chance. The buff wears off after six seconds, giving ample time to capitalize on it's effects at least once.


The skill is generally used as an overall performance enhancer. It can be used in critical hit strategies to further enhance a specific party member's chance of getting a critical hit, or to counter very evasive foes. It only needs half an action, so considering the tendency for the rogue to be a fast character it is a good buff to apply whenever possible. It stacks well with high critical hit chance gear.

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