The Emporium is the shop for Monsters' Den: Chronicles. In it a player can purchase a variety of items such as equipment (weapons and armor), consumables, and some special items unique to the Emporium (see below for descriptions).

At first the Emporium seems to be quite useless, giving mediocre (at best) items that the player can more easily acquire on his own. However investing in the different categories greatly increases the usefulness and number of the stocked goods. At maxed tier, you can expect roughly 2 epic items from the weapons or armour categories.

There are 5 investment tiers in each category: Base (Free), 2000, 4500, 8000, 12500, so after paying a total of 27000 gold, you can max out one category.

You can also sell your junk items to the Emporium. If you hold down the "ctrl" key, you will not be given a warning whether you want to sell the item.

Special Orders (Spoilers!!!!)Edit

As you complete achievements, you gain renown, which unlocks now special orders at the Emporium.

There are:

Renown - 100Edit

Renown - 200Edit

Renown - 300Edit

  • $300 Gambler's Dice (randomizes suffixes and prefixes on items)
  • $3000 Received Wisdom (ring) (Gain bonus exp from having a higher level party member)

Renown - 400Edit

  • $2000 Spirit Guide (no level requirement on enchanted item, must be equipped to enchant)

Renown - 500Edit

Renown - 600Edit

  • $10000 Stat enhancing tonics (+1 to either strength, dexterity, endurance, or intellect)

Renown - 700Edit

Renown - 800Edit

  • $40000 Stat enhancing tonics (+1 to strength and endurance or dexterity and intellect)

Renown - 900Edit

  • $75000 Power boosting tonic (+5 to maximum power)
  • $100000 Quickness boosting tonic (+1 to quickness)

Renown - 1000Edit

  • $2000 Apex Forge (Item enhancement, upgrades tier by one, does not use enhancement slot)

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