Spirit Leech
Spirit Leech
What's yours is mine.


One-Handed, Ranged, Sceptre

Base damage



+10 Power Steal


+5 Health Steal [base]


On critical (100%), to enemy: -20 Power


-5 Quickness





What's yours is mine.

  • One-Handed, Ranged, Sceptre
  • 15 Weapon Damage
  • +10 Power Steal
  • +5 Health Steal
  • On critical (100%), to enemy:
    • -20 Power
  • +1 Socket
  • -5 Quickness
  • Usable: Mage

Spirit Leech is an epic-level sceptre that has the unique ability to steal the enemy's health and power with each attack in exchange for some weapon power.


The health and power steal effect of Spirit Leech activates for each enemy hit. Consequently, this weapon is best suited to mage spells which target multiple enemies in order to maximize the power stolen, thus reducing the effective cost of the spell. The Sorceror class has two more multi-target spells than the Conjuror class, Lightning Storm and Cold Front, and thus can make better use of Spirit Leech. In fact, if Lightning Storm is used on a full field of enemies and all 6 are hit, the gain of 60 power will outweigh the 55 power cost of the spell, essentially giving you a free spell. A similiar situation occurs with Fireball targeting four monsters.

Spirit Leech has excellent synergy with Thief's Luck, since the +30 accuracy will help ensure multi-target spells hit the maximum number of enemies and the +5 critical chance will occasionally cause a critical which kicks in Spirit Leech's additional effect of enemy power reduction upon inflicting a critical hit. The main downside to Spirit Leech is its lackluster weapon damage. However, since most spells scale with intellect and spells will be the primary form of attack with Sprit Leech this downside can usually be ignored.

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