The source of the so-called "Demonic Power" is the Soulharvester, a legendary demon who is believed to summon the undead in the dungeon.


  • Punishing Lash: Normal attack, applies "Lashed" (wound condition) to that opponent.
  • Charge: Attacks enemy from the same row, must have empty space(s) between it and the opponent.
  • Prepare Harvest: Drains power to opponent(s), applies "Frail Soul" (curse condition) to said opponent(s)
  • Captured Soul: Summons Enslaved Karthus or Reynard into battle

In-game informationEdit

"A grotesque, corpulent demon. It wields the power to capture and enslave the souls of the dead."
Monsters Den Chronicles Soulharvester lvl 1608:02

Monsters Den Chronicles Soulharvester lvl 16

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