The source of the so-called "Demonic Power" is the Soulharvester, a legendary demon who is believed to summon the undead in the dungeon.


  • Punishing Lash: Normal attack, applies "Lashed" (wound condition) to that opponent.
  • Charge: Attacks enemy from the same row, must have empty space(s) between it and the opponent.
  • Prepare Harvest: Drains power to opponent(s), applies "Frail Soul" (curse condition) to said opponent(s)
  • Captured Soul: Summons Enslaved Karthus or Reynard into battle

In-game informationEdit

"A grotesque, corpulent demon. It wields the power to capture and enslave the souls of the dead."
Monsters Den Chronicles Soulharvester lvl 16

Monsters Den Chronicles Soulharvester lvl 16