Shrines are beneficial structures encountered by the player's party while exploring the map screen. There are 2 kinds of shrines:

  • Restoration Shrines
  • Mysterious Shrines

Restoration ShrinesEdit

Restoration Shrines (insert picture here) are the most common shrines encountered. They fully heal the player's entire party, and revive any fallen members.

Mysterious ShrinesEdit

Mysterious Shrines (insert picture here) are less common but offer unique benefits. There are 5 different types:

  • "A GIFT OF MAGIC"Gives a Spark of Legend.
  • "ALMS FOR THE POOR" Gives a random epic item at a fair cost of gold. (10% of the current gold amount)
  • "A MARTYR'S EXAMPLE"Sacrifices a random member of your party and gives the others the Martyr's Inspiration buff for the next battle (+15% damage protection, +10 quickness, +100 stun evasion, +25% starting action).
  • "A SHORTCUT TO WISDOM"Gives all members of your party +200 experience.
  • "FAITH BREEDS STRENGTH"Places the buff Battle Blessing on all currenty living party members.
  • "TEMPORARY BECOMES PERMANENT" - Gives body enhancement elixir.
  • "MUNDANE BECOMES EXTRAORDINARY" - Transform one normal item in your inventory into a Unique item.

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