Fighting StylesEdit

  • Warden

    A Warden in Moonglow Leather.

    Healing Lore - "Draw upon medicinal knowledge and supplies of healing herbs."
    • While active:
      • Reduced power cost: Nature's Balm (20 instead of 35)
        • +(3 + lvl) Health Regeneration
        • +(9 + lvl) Healing Skills Bonus
      • Increases with level (e.g. +4 Health Regen at lvl 1; +8 Health Regen at lvl 5).
  • Marksman - "Carefully aimed shots take a little longer, but are more accurate and damaging."
    • While active:
      • -5 Quickness
      • +10% damage Modifier
      • +25 Accuracy

Common SkillsEdit

  • Shoot - Ranged attack with equipped weapon. Increases with weapon damage. Requires ranged. Costs 0 power. Full clock.
  • Pierce - Missile shot which passes through the target and hits an additional enemy behind. Increases with weapon damage. Requires ranged. Costs 40 power. Full clock.
  • Nature's Balm - Target ally or self gains:
    • +100% Resist Poison
    • +(10 + (1/2)Int) Health Regeneration (Rounding down)
    • Lasts 3 seconds.
    • Costs 35 power (20 if in Healing Lore Style)
    • Full clock
    • Increases with Intelligence
  • Swiftness - Gives a friendly unit or the user a bonus of 15 Quickness. Costs 15 power. Half clock.
  • Pin - Weapon attack which stuns the target. Requires weapon. Costs 40 power. Full clock.
  • Envenomed Arrow - Poisons the target. Requires weapon. Costs 30 power. Full clock.
    • ​X poison per second
    • lasts 6 seconds
  • '​'Herbal Remedy - Target ally or self is healed for X and cured of Wound conditions. X increases with Intellect. Costs 35 power. Full clock.



Fighting StyleEdit

  • Force of Nature - "Channel the power of nature for protection and the disruption of unnatural forces."
    • Remove an enemy buff on hit
    • +15 Armor Piercing
    • +20% All Resists
    • +25% Magical Protection

Specific SkillsEdit

  • Thorns - Applies Thorns (Nature Condition) on row. Target formation rank gains retaliation damage. Increases with level. Costs 20 power. Half Clock.
  • Snare - Each time targeted ally is attacked, 50% chance to stun attacker. Lasts 6 seconds. Costs 30 power. Half clock.
  • Second Wind - Revive a defeated ally. Target is restored with low health but has a Nature's Balm buff to aid regen. Increases with dexterity and intelligence. Costs 70 power. Full Clock.


Fighting StyleEdit

  • Hunter's Focus - "Find the intense focus and inner calm of the practiced hunter."
    • +3 Power Regeneration
    • -10% Skill Power Cost
    • +100% Resist Mental

Specific SkillsEdit

  • Eagle Eye - The ranger's next attack is a critical hit. Costs 0 power. Half clock.
    • power regeneration +2
    • crit chance +100%
  • Point Blank - Requires ranged. Missile attack only usable from melee range for X damage. Has +50% chance of crit. Always hits. Reduces target's action. Costs 30 power. Full clock. Increases with weapon damage.
  • Hail of Arrows - Targets all foes for X damage, at reduced accuracy (-50). Chance to hit cannot exceed 75%. Costs 70 power. Full clock.

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