Level 23

Looks like the skeleton remains from the demon in Legend.


  • Enrage: Enrages a target by applying the Curse Condition 'Gift of Rage' on it. (+10% Damage Protection, +25% Damage Modifier, +5% Critical Hit, 12 seconds duration, removed on source's death)
  • Reckless Abandon: Causes 'Reckless'. Mental, 3 Seconds (-15% Damage Protection, - Quick Retreat, Cancels Resist Mental, Cancels Evasion)
  • Frenzied Swipe: Moderate Damage
  • Boiling Blood: Applies the Curse Condition "Boiling Blood" on target, 5 Seconds duration (22 Damage per Second, -25 Accuracy). Damage per Second may be based on level of monster