Rogue's Poison Icon
Fighting Style

While Active

Attacks Apply Rogue's Poison buff

Buff Type


Buff Effects

x Damage every second (increases with level)

Buff Duration

x Seconds (increases with intellect)

Poisoncraft is a fighting style for both Rogue classes. It adds a poison buff to every weapon attack hit, dealing damage over time to targets. The damage of the buff increases with level, and the duration increases with intellect.


Poisoncraft is used best in intellect builds, but it can also be used when you need a bit more damage to your attacks. While it is not as powerful as a critical from the deadly style it is guaranteed damage, assuming your opponent has no poison resist. It is a good addition to weaker attacks since it is not modified by the damage of the attack, giving you more bang for your buck. In high-level characters it becomes very long lived and can be a prominent nuisance to your enemies if they are unable to dispel it.

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