Since Monster's Den, the Book of Dread, the character classes have been altered. There are now 10 options to chose from, broken down into 5 main classes, each with 2 sub-classes. Like all other Monster's Den games, you can have only four characters in a party. If you cannot decide which characters you want, there is a suggestion option, that selects 4 characters that work well together. A good combination, is a Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Ranger, for a good range of offensive as well as defensive abilities.


Warriors are the first and perhaps most well known character type. They are the strong men, who should occupy the square in the centre front row for best effect. The are hard to kill and can do heavy damage, but are slow and often the last to attack, which could be considered a disadvantage. They are capable of equipping the heaviest armour and can wield a variety of weapons, including swords, spears, maces and crossbows.

Seeing as they can only attack the enemies closest to it, you need to consider how an attack can be used to knock out as many enemies as possible in order to gain access to the generally weaker rear line. Use them in combination with a ranger or mage to get the best effect. Some useful abilities include Power Attack and Cleave. (more added when extra information is available).

There are two possible warrior units, the 'Champion' and the 'Captain'. The Champions have skills in both offense and defence, so are good, general purpose warriors. Captains are command units, whose abilities are mainly used to inspire and lead the rest of his party to victory, so should be the dominant unit.