are the elite members of the Cult of the Outer Path. They are Cult Guardians whose superior battle skills and devotion to the cause are rewarded by immersion in planar energies and a greater rank in the cult hierarchy. They can be easily identified from their lesser brethren by their elaborate armor, regal capes, and large, two-handed swords.

As a result of their exposure to planar energy, Planesworn can supplement their fearsome physical attacks with debilitating magic spells. They can hinder the player's power regeneration and even resurrect allies. Defensively, they have high health and strong defense against both physical and magical assault. Their only weakness is their low speed.

In previous "Monsters Den" games, Planesworn were called "Chosen".


Sever: Deal 120%, causes target to lose 10 power, and applies arcane condition, Sever (Cancels Power Regeneration, 6 seconds). Uses full action circle and 40 power.

Stunning Blow: Deal 50% and can stun the target. Uses full action circle and 40 power.

Planar Gift: Uses some health and full action circle. Revives a fallen ally.


Planesworn can be relatively annoying enemies because of their damage protection and especially their high (50%) magic protection. Furthermore, they can stun your frontliners (make sure to buff up on stun evasion if you can), cancel power regeneration (huge if you`re using lots of mana) and, most annoyingly, use their ``Planar Gift`` ability to resurrect the fallen. The best way to counter the latter would be either to use the Conjuror`s ``Disintegrate`` skill on kills or drain the Planesworn`s power. Their high resistance makes magic attacks unsuitable but they have no resistance to missiles or physical. Using a Rogue`s ``Pierce`` ability will ignore all of his damage protection and deal good damage, while using the Warden`s ``Forces of Nature`` stance gives the Warden 15 armor piercing and ignore most of his armor.