Obliterator Waraxe

Often wielded by the demon-worshipping raiders of the southern wastes, the origin of those weapons is a mystery.

  • One-Handed, Melee, Axe
  • 28 Weapon Damage
  • +1 Strength
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +5 Armor Piercing
  • +1 Endurance
  • On kill (100%), to self:
    • Ferocity: +10% Damage Modifier
  • +1 Socket
  • -2 Quickness
  • Usable: Warrior, Ranger

The Obliterator Waraxe Obliteratorwaraxe is an epic rarity, one-handed axe usable by warriors and rangers. It provide +1 strength, dexterity, and endurance per tier, as well as a constant +5 armor piercing and -2 quickness penalty. When the wielder kills an enemy the wielder gains the Ferocity buff (+10% damage) until the end of his next action.

  • The flavor text of the Obliterator Waraxe gives some information about what the Monsters' Den world looks like as well as the dynamics of its inhabitants. From the waraxe it is known that the southern regions are a barren wasteland (more specifically a frozen one upon reading the Southling's Shieldcloak text) while the adjacent lands to the north are relatively prosperous. Also since the southerner's only send raiding parties instead of an invasion it is likely that the northern lands have at least some form of organized military.

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