Neophytes are initiates in the Cult of the Outward Path. They are fairly quick and their sheer zeal can provide them with surprising power, but they lack the training in sorcery and/or weaponry to be a truly capable threat on their own. Instead, they use their knives in a sinister call to the Aether beyond reality, sacrificing themselves to summon an Aetherguard.


  • Breach Aether: Sacrifices itself to summon an Aetherguard.
  • Fanaticism: Heals and applies the Mental Condition Fanaticism on himself (+20 Stun Recovery, +20% Damage Modifier, +100% Resist Mental, lasts entire battle).


Neophytes are largely straightforward to deal with - if it wasn`t for the fact that they can turn into Aetherguards, they would almost certainly be a bottom priority. The best way to stop them from becoming Aetherguards is to simply kill them: they have no protections and low health. If you can`t catch up to a Neophyte, stunning him can be a viable option (and then using the Assassin`s Coup de Grace for an instant-kill). Make sure to kill them before their first turn; if they transform at all, they usually transform on their first turn.

If you are in a situation where the Neophyte simply has to be second priority or you can't waste precious time and power on it, taking away a good chunk of his power can prevent him from transforming until he reaches the threshold point again. Keep in mind sapping his power is only a TEMPORARY solution to him becoming an actual threat.