"The crypt is ours!"

~ Necromancer (first floor, Act II)

"Fools! Too late!"

~ Necromancer (third floor, Act II)

Two Necromancers can be fought in Act II. Other necromancers can be fought in Act IV and V. They are human spellcasters who aid the undead and curse their enemies.



  • Magic Bolt: Moderate damage
  • Deathly Chill: Moderate damage, may cause Freezing: -10 Quickness
  • Curse of Mortality: Curse condition, which deals X damage when it expires after 6 seconds,


  • Servitude: Applies the Passive Condition "Servitude" on an ally (Demands enemy attention, +10 quickness to selected enemy, 6 seconds duration).
  • Reanimate: Resurrect an enemy with 50% health.


When fighting a Necromancer, you want take out the hardest hitters first such as spectres before focusing on him. He will most likely cast Servitude which will force you to attack another enemy. Make sure to have a means of removing enemy state such as a warden or a character with Cleansing Flame equipped to remove it. His stun evasion is rather low for a boss so it is possible to try to stun him. A cleric is fairly crucial here for his Holy Light as well as removing the Curse of Mortality that the necromancer may inflict on one of your character.

In-game informationEdit


"Power-hungry human spellcaster, master of forbidden magic. Undead are his to create and command. His dark powers can drain the life of the living, or curse them to die."