Lesser devourer

A Lesser Devourer is a type of demon. It is usually summoned by a Doomcaller to aid in the battle. Once it consumes enough, it can evolve into a Greater Devourer.


  • Devour: Deals damage and gains the amount of damage dealt back as Health. The Lesser Devourer then also gets buffed with the Wound Condition "Engorged" (+3 Power Regeneration, 6 seconds duration).
  • Digestive Acid: Deals moderate Damage and applies the Poison Condition "Digestive Acid" (X damage per second, -20% Damage Protection, -5 Evasion, Cancels Retaliation Damage, 3 seconds duration).
  • Evolve: Transforms into a Greater Devourer.

In-game descriptionEdit


"Demonic spawn possessed of a supernatural hunger. After feeding successfully, it may evolve to its greater form."