Infiltrators are the Cult of the Outward Path's spies and saboteurs, trained to attack from the shadows and cripple enemies for stronger forces. Seemingly composed entirely of females, the Infiltrator ranks are lightly armored, giving them great speed and agility at the cost of extremely low armor; they cannot survive much enemy fire, but they are extremely difficult to hit.

In addition to their high Quickness, Inflitrators have a high starting action; about an eighth of their action clock is already filled at the beginning of a battle (similar to the Readiness effect on your equipment), allowing them to almost always strike first. Their high evasion compensates for their poor health; coupled with Accuracy-lowering effects or terrain, they can be nearly impossible to hit at all. In addition, they deal decent damage and possess many skills, allowing them to strike the back row or harass the party with an array of debilitating effects.


Infiltration Strike - 100% damage, capable of attacking any target. Uses full action circle and 20 power.

Breach Defense - Deal 50% damage and apply a wound condition, "Breach Defense" (-25% damage protection -15 evasion -10 retaliation damage, 2 seconds). Uses half action circle and 25 power..

Poison Dart - Very minor damage, with a good chance of inflicting a poison state that slowly damages the target. Uses ? action circle and ? power.

Knockout Dart - Applies a poison condition, "Knockout Dart" (-10 quickness, 3 seconds), causes the target to lose 25 power and may stun. Uses full action circle and 40 power.


Though highly annoying, Infiltrators are a low-level threat; they require other enemies to take advantage of their debuffs and their evasion effectively wastes your time against more dangerous opponents. Use clerics and rangers to deal with their harassment and poison states, or have a Champion throw up a Shield Wall to badly cripple the Infiltrator's usefulness. The best way to deal with them is using skills that always hit, such as Smite or Electrocute (if the Infilitrator's action clock is high enough, they may even be defeated in one use of the latter). Styles that increase accuracy - such as the mages' Spell Mastery, the rangers' Marksmanship, or the Champion's Sweeping Strikes may help as well.