Hill Giant's Mallet
Hill Giant's Mallet
It's not complicated.

Base Weapon Damage

53 (increases with tier)


+5% Cause Stun

+1 Socket

-5 Quickness

It's not complicated.

  • Two-Handed, Melee, Mace
  • 53 Weapon Damage
  • +5% Cause Stun
  • +1 Socket
  • -5 Quickness
  • Usable: Warrior, Cleric

The Hill Giant's Mallet is a 2-handed mace-type weapon of epic quality. Its sole distinguishing feature is the extremely high attack damage it is capable of.


As the flavor text indicates, use of this weapon is a straightforward affair. It has the highest pure damage output of any weapon in the game, with a base 53 damage that increases staggeringly fast with each tier. For comparison, the second highest base damage weapon in the game, Cold Iron Pulverizer, will do 437 damage at tier 30, while Hill Giant's Mallet will do 618.

However, the tradeoff is the lack of any other bonuses for the weapon, aside from the usual 5% stun chance and -5 quickness attributed to most 2-handed maces. Its use is limited somewhat at lower tiers; the difference in attack is most pronounced at higher tiers. Thus, it is recommended that the Apex Forge be used whenever possible to ensure the highest damage possible is achieved.

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