Headsman's Standby

A smaller weapon, but still sufficient to the task.

  • One-Handed, Melee, Axe
  • 27 Weapon Damage
  • +10 Armor Piercing
  • +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • +1 Socket
  • -2 Quickness
  • Usable: Warrior, Ranger

Headsman's Standby Headsman'sstandby is an epic-rarity one-handed axe usable by warriors and rangers. It provides a constant +10 armor piercing, +5% critical hit chance, and +50% critical hit damage, as well as the usual -2 quickness penalty for one-handed axes. It is fairly unremarkable (it does not provide any stat boosts), though could prove useful for those wanting to go for a massive critical hit build.

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