The goal of this page is to gather tips/strategy about the game.

Party BuildsEdit

As explained in the walkthrough on, there is no "best party":

Several different party combinations can be effective - there's no 'best' party. but you do need some strategy - a team of high damage, low armor, ranged characters will struggle in later dungeons. One effective combination is to have a highly armored, high endurance Warrior on the front-line, with a damage (intellect) focused Mage behind him and a Ranger either side.

However, some parties might be easier to deal with than others, especially during Campaign IV (survival mode). As a general principle, a party with tankiness, sustain and damage should work without having to rely on restoration shrines and/or potions.

Personally, I had great success during all Campaigns (in particular the survival mode, I stopped at wave 55 IIRC) with a party made of a Warrior (Champion), a Cleric (Confessor), a Ranger (Warden) and a Rogue (Assassin). This is highly (totally) inspired by DeAmimon's post in this guide. But this is definitely not the only way to go.

For the achievement "Dynamic Duo", I went for a Warden with a Conjuror and getting the achievement was just a piece of cake. The Conjuror summons Golems to tank and deals damage (especially with disintegrate), the Warden brings support skills (heal, revive, thorns, etc) and deals damage. Worked like a charm. But, again, that's not the only way to go, a Confessor with a Conjuror also work .

Obviously, adding any member to this duo will work if you wanna go for the Terrible Trio achievement.

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How to leverage the Spirit GuideEdit

Basically, the idea is to use the Spirit Guide enchantment on high Tier equipped items (that you get with a high level party) and then to equip low level characters with it.

Ultimately, you can even use the "character reset" to reuse the exact same party with high tier items. Quoting Gremilion in this post :

Get party to nice 30+ level, use ghost enchants on items (no level requirements), unequip items, reset characters, equip again.
Now you have 1-level characters with tier 10-15 items.
You can one hit kill almost everyone. Now you can go farm gold and achievements even on expert hardcore.

How to use Spark of Legend effectivelyEdit

Basically, you'll want to prioritize items with stats that scale/benefit the most to your character. Quoting the Monsters Den Chronicles Walkthrough Guide By Ayumilove:

If you don't have spare Sparks of legends use them on your Rogue/Damage Warrior Main-hand Weapon first then on their off-hands. After that if you have a Damage Dealer Hunter use it on his Bow but only if your DD Hunter has 225% Crit Damage++ otherwise hes probably not worth the Spark because of Garin's anti Bow run in Chronicles I don't recommend Hunter as DD anyways DD Warrior trumps him easy even on a bad Day.
Mages/Cleric majority of Damage scales with their overall Intellect (Or Endurance with Retribution) and hence the Weapon is just one Item more.
If you have full sparked DD/Weapons go for Martyr’s Signet and Rubiclete Breastplate and give them your front row Tanker with both of them sparked you have an insane Health regg.

Recommendations on ShardsEdit

See Monsters Den Chronicles Walkthrough Guide By Ayumilove.

Dynamic difficulty trickEdit

See Monsters Den Chronicles Walkthrough Guide By Ayumilove or Monsters' Den Chronicles text walkthrough.

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