Greater Devourer23
Greater Devourers are a different kind of demon. They can be in groups or can be called by Doomcallers as Lesser Devourers then evolved into greater variation. They are many-armed and four-legged demons who have a taste for flesh and blood. They are the abominations of the demonkin


  • Swipe: deals damage
  • Devour: drains power
  • Endless Hunger: Applies the Wound Condition "Endless Hunger" on himself (+50 Stun Evasion, +10 Quickness, 6 seconds duration), costs 1/2 action clock.
  • Consume Essence: Does no damage, but drains power.

In-game descriptionEdit


"Demonic avatar of consumption. Its jaws are fearsomely powerful, and it drains health and power from its prey."