Equipment that is not otherwise enhanced or enchanted has a tier assigned to it. Each tier will cause some of the item's traits to change based on the tier of the item.

For example, an item with the prefix "Mighty" will grant the character that equips it one additional strength per tier of the item in question.

The higher the tier, the greater the amount of benefit a given trait bestows on the character that equips it.

Each tier has a corresponding minimum level requirement in order for a character to equip that item. An item that has a level requirement will list that requirement on the bottom, left-hand side of the item description.

The table below lists the tiers and corresponding level requirements in order to be usable by a character.

Tier Level Required
1 1 - Or any level
2 1 - Or any level
3 4
4 7
5 10
6 13
7 16

Each item tier beyond those shown corresponds with an increased level requirement of the character by three levels.

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