"Join me, brothers!"

-Elias's starting quote

He has been transformed into a demon, and now fights against his friends.

Elias's form after being captured and transformed. You find his equipment on the previous floor. After his defeat, the text says the party is quiet and mourns him.


  • Chaotic Strike: causes: Bleeding. Wound Condition. High Damage(plus), All Party Members . 6 Seconds (11 damage per second, -115 point bonus when healed) Damage and condition damage may depend on level.
  • Leaping Strike: High Damage on any player.
  • Dark Reflection: Unknown time. A shadowy form with a purple glow in the form of one of your current party members. The replica can form in any empty space on the enemies' side. It appears to have identical attributes to the copied party member, including skills, equipment, and current fighting stance.
  • Traitor's Resolve: causes:Traitor's Resolve. Mental Condition. Unknown Length. (-10 Quickness) I believe this means he is doubting himself and it is slowing him down.