Dwarf-Lord's Warhammer
Dwarf-Lord's Warhammer

Weapon Damage

Varies (increases with tier)


+5% Cause Stun

+1 Intellect

+1 Strength

+3 Sockets

The metalcraft of the Earthern Nations is without peer.

  • Two-Handed, Melee, Mace
  • 42 Weapon Damage
  • +5% Cause Stun
  • +1 Intellect
  • +1 Strength
  • +3 Sockets
  • Usable: Warrior, Cleric

The Dwarf-Lord's Warhammer is a 2-handed mace-type weapon of epic quality. Its most distiguishing features are the three sockets and the absence of the "-5 Quickness" penalty that comes standard on all regular weapons of this kind.


It's not too frequent that you see epic-quality weapons with this many sockets, and with a good reason. If you want to go all-out on your tank character, this warhammer will get you there. It already comes with a higher damage rating than any standard warhammer of the same tier, and it could get even more deadly with the wise use of equipment enhancements on those extra sockets. Or you could play it safe by using some protective enhancements instead, to make a more protective weapon with strong attack power.

Trivia: both the title and the flavor text of this item refer to the larger overworld that was meant to be in the game but didn't make the final version. Other epic weapons, like the Obliterator Waraxe, also carry such interesting bits of lore.

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