Detheun the fallen, Defiled Cleric
WARNING: Spoilers in Act III are found here!

"More strong souls..."

~ Detheun's starting quote

A Defiled Cleric is an armoured cleric that is probably a traitor to the cause the player or his companions are attempting.

Detheun was the surviving scout of his party who endured the dungeon in pre-Act III that was fallen under the spell of the Possessor. At first, Detheun is part of the player's party, giving you a temporary extra party member to aid the player. After a random number of battles, he will likely to leave the party, while one of player's ally says "Detheun?", thinking there is something dark in him.

In the third floor of Act III, Detheun the Fallen joins up with the Soulharvester against the player's party. Near the end of the battle, a Possessor replaces him, suggesting that he was being controlled the whole time by the demons.


  • Attack: Normal damage to a single enemy in melee range.
  • Defiling Strike: Light damage but drains the enemy's power in melee range. Costs full action circle and no power.
  • Infernal Flames: Moderate damage to a single enemy in magic range. Costs full action circle and 60 power.
  • Abandon Host: A Possessor replaces the cleric with full health. Used once his health goes below 50%.

In-game descriptionEdit

"A simple traitor.. or something more?"