Lord Ausperch (Death Knight)
"For the Empire!"

~ Ausperch's starting quote

Death Knights are the elite of the undead monsters in the dungeons. They have large substantial amount of health even compared to other bosses. This is multiplied by their good damage protection. They deal good damage but their attacks are restricted to melee range.

Lord Ausperch is the Death Knight you will face in the second floor of Act II.

Another Death Knight protects the Undead Emperor Haemon II in the third floor.



  • Attack: Normal damage
  • Cleaving Blow: Attacks all enemies in melee range.
  • Shield Bash: Deals minor damage knocks back the target by 1 tile and reduces their action circle.


  • Martial Expertise: +30 Armor Piercing, +100% Cause Stun, +35% Damage Modifier, +50 Accuracy, 5 seconds duration.


  • Rally: Increases other allies' quickness and attack abilities


Due to how immensely sturdy they are, they should be targeted last if possible. Most of his abilities are melee range with only his buffs are usable from any position so it is possible to set your formation so that only your tank is at the front line. The Death Knight will probably end up doing so anyhow due to him using shield bash to knock any other characters back. If you most have multiple melee character, set it in a square so that any shield bash will not knock any characters back due to the tile already occupied.

If you have a warden, make sure to set his style to Force of nature when he uses Martial Expertise since his next attack will deal a large amount of moderately armor piercing damage. This especially applies in the battle with a Necromancer as well who is all too happy to use servitude on the Death Knight to force you to target the Knight instead of the Necromancer.

Overall, it's mostly a straight forward battle.

In-game informationEdit


"Powerful undead knight, one of the great champions and generals of ages past. Heavily armored, and skilled with both sword and shield. A leader on the battlefield."