Dawnslice Hadrian

Blessed and sanctified, the blade glows with divine power.

  • One-Handed, Melee, Sword
  • 26 Weapon Damage
  • +3 Intellect (per Tier)
  • +5 Healing Skills Bonus (per Tier)
  • +5 Bonus When Healed (per Tier)
  • When healing (75%), to target:
    • Remove 1 Condition (fixed value)
  • +1 Socket
  • Prohibited: Rogue

Due to its` stats, a Confessor would probably be the best fit for the Dawnslice because Confessors benefit the most from having increased Healing Skills and Intellect (except Mages, but they don`t have any Healing Skills anyway). Another potential candidate might be the Captain who can also be an effective healer with his Shrug It Off and Hold the Line skills. Although the Ranger also has a healer skill in Herbal Remedy, it isn`t recommended to give the Dawnslice to him because it would make many of his skills unusable.

Weapon Damage 26
Stat Boost

+3 Intellect

+5 Healing Skills Bonus

+5 Bonus When Healed


When healing (75%), to target:

Remove one condition

Sockets 1
Prohibited Rogue

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