Cult guard
Cult Guardians are warriors of the Cult of the Outward Path. Fairly well-armored enemies, their primary role is to reduce damage to their allies by protecting the back rank from missile attacks, redirecting all attacks towards themselves, or pummelling and stunning opponents to reduce their attack damage. However, their actual damage output is relatively low, preventing them from being a dangerous opponent if their defenses can be circumvented.


  • Shield Pummel- Deals 50% damage to a single target and applies the "Pummeled" wound condition (-5 Quickness, -50% damage modifier, 5 seconds). Uses half action circle and 40 power.
  • Stunning Blow- Deals 50% damage to a single target and has a chance to stun. Uses full action circle and 40 power.
  • Shield Cover- Applies the passive condition "Shield Cover" to all allies in the back row (75% missile protection, 3 seconds, removed on source's death). Uses half action circle and 50 power.
  • Shield Protection- Applies the passive condition "Shield Protection" to self (25% damage protection, demands enemy attention, 6 seconds). Uses full action circle and 60 power.


Cult Guardians aren't very threatening on their own, but their abilities to reduce damage to their allies one way or another often forces players to prioritize them in battle. Their Shield Cover can be bypassed by attacking the back rank with melee or some magic attack that does not have missile characteristics. Shield Protection can be dispelled by a warden's unique fighting style or any attack that removes enemy buffs. Pummel can be mitigated by simply using your back rank characters to attack, but it can be removed with a cleric's Purify or warrior's Resolve skill. The stun is mostly impossible to counter (barring a lucky Benediction from a Confessor), but your back characters are still safe from the attack.

Any attacks that deal damage over time (Poison, Ignite, etc) or ignore armor (Pierce Defenses, Retribution, etc.) are effective against Cult Guardians and their buffs, as they mainly rely on increasing Damage Protection. Overall, however, the basic strategies of finding the flaws in their defenses and wearing them down will suffice to defeat them.

In-game descriptionEdit

"Indoctrinated warriors who guard their brethren with single-minded devotion."


  • "Interlopers!" (start of battle)