Rodrick, the Branded. The default Conjuror


Ilyr, Seeker After Truth. The default Premium Conjuror

Pic Stance Sorcerer Ability Effect Notes
Spell Mastery Spell Mastery Yes
  • +20% Chance Free Skill Use
  • +5 Accuracy
Free spells mean extra fire power.
Channeling Channeling Yes
  • +10 Quickness
  • +10 Stun Evasion
  • -4 Power Regeneration
Depends if using the Wait command outweighs the loss of power regeneration.
Arcane Armor Arcane Armor No
  • +20% Damage Protection
  • +100% Resist Arcane
Pic Skill Cost Sorceror Ability Description Effect & Notes
Disintegrate Disintegrate 20 No Instantly kill an enemy at low (below 30%) health. Characters killed in this manner cannot be revived. Always hits. 100% Chance Hit. Cannot attack 0% health.
Summon War Golem Summon War Golem 50 No Summon a War Golem to an empty square on the battlefield INT affect the stats that golem will have?
Time Warp Time Warp 20 No Resets the action clock of every other character in battle, friend and foe alike. This is very draining for the caster, cancelling power regeneration for a short time. Chronal Fatigue

Arcane Condition

  • Prevents Time Warp
  • Cancels Power Regeneration

3 Second Duration

Animate Shadow Animate Shadow 50 Yes The mage's shadow comes to life as a lesser imitation of himself, and is summoned to an empty square on the battlefield. The shadow may attack and use spells, but with reduced effectiveness. If the shadow is destroyed, the mage will suffer significant damage. Damage self if destroyed.


Arcane Condition

  • -10 Magical Protection

Last Entire Battle

Electrocute Electrocute 32 Yes Call down a lightning strike on any enemy for low to high damage, increasing with the target's current action clock amount. Always hits. INT Based. 100% Chance Hit.
Fireball Fireball 40 Yes Explosive fire missile attack for normal damage. Enemies adjacent to the target take medium splash damage. Main target is guaranteed to be hit. INT Based. 100% Chance Hit on main target.
Freeze Freeze 30 Yes Magical frost attack on any enemy for normal damage. Target's quickness is reduced. INT Based.


Cold Condition

  • -10 Quickness

3 Second Duration

Mage Missiles Mage Missiles 20 Yes Quick missile attack on any enemy inflicting low to medium damage. Bonus of 25 to armor penetration. Successive uses of Mage Missiles on the same target do bonus damage. INT Based.

Mage Missiles Arcane Condition

  • Taking increased damage from Mage Missiles skill.

6 Second Duration

Power Siphon Power Siphon 50 Yes Drain up to 25 power from each enemy. Tip: Effective when used to keep enemy spellcasters from doing ANYTHING but Passing Turn once their power levels are low or depleted.

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