Lucius, the Illuminator. The default Confessor


Kain, Pious Scholar. The default Premium Confessor

A support centered cleric. He has access to a much wider range of healing abilities,making him a flexible supporter. Depending on the build,he can be put in the front or back row.

The back confessor cleric functions as a caster-healer,almost constantly throwing around different healing abilities (and, intermittently, Smite). As a caster,he requires A LOT of intelect,as well as any power & power regeneration bonuses,+ chance free skill use etc. Also,he can really use less obvious quickness bonuses.

In the front row he acts as a tank,spending most of the time in radiance stance,with build focusing on tanking (endurance,health,health regeneration) and caster (intelect,power,+ chance free skilll use) stats. Like healer described above,he mainly utilizes healing spells,both on allies and himself (to aid in tanking).

Fight Styles
Pic Stance Inquistitor Ability Effect Notes
Benediction Benediction No
  • 25% Chance heals may remove harmful effects
  • +100% All Resists
Any Heal triggers chance to remove harmful effects.
Judgement Judgement Yes
  • Apply Mark of Judgement on hits
  • +20% Cause Stun

Mark of Judgement

  • -25 Stun Recovery
  • -25 Stun Evasion
  • +25% Skill Power Cost

3 Second Duration

Radiance Radiance Yes
  • Apply Radiant Glow on adjacent allies
  • +10 Evasion

Radiant Glow

  • +_ HP Regeneration (Depends on Cleric's max HP)
  • +1 SP Regeneration

Pic Skill Cost Inquisitor Ability Description Effect & Notes
Anoint Anoint 30 Yes Target ally gains a bonus of +75% damage until the end of their next turn. Anointed
  • +75% Damage Modifier

Removed After Action

Heal Heal 35 Yes Heal target ally (or self) for _ health. Removes any harmful Poison or Wound conditions on the target. INT Based.
Heal All Heal All 60 No Heal the entire party for _ health. INT Based.
Healing Flash Healing Flash 25 No Quick heal on target ally for _ health. The target is staggered by the divine flash, losing up to 0.2 current action. INT Based. -0.2 Action. Half the action for about 80% of a regular Heal.
Holy Light Holy Light 40 Yes Bathe the battlefield in divine light, blinding all enemies and reducing their accuracy. Undead suffer additional penatlies. Always hits. Holy Light
  • -30 Accuracy

6 Second Duration Turn Undead

  • -3 Quickness
  • -10 Damage Modifier

6 Second Duration

Intercession Intercession 25 No Progress towards an ally's next turn is used to heal them. The target receives healing in proportion to their current action value. Does not benefit from Healing Skills Bonus. The more action the ally has, the more that is healed.
Purify Purify 15 Yes Target ally (or self) is cured of all negative Poison, Curse, Mental, and Holy conditions. Target also gains a brief bonus to resist conditions. Purified
  • +25% All Resists

3 Second Duration

Resurrect Resurrect 75 Yes Revive a defeated ally, bringing them back to the battle with _ health. Divine favor lingers on the target, also granting them a bonus on their next turn. INT Based


  • +75% Damage Modifier

Removed After Action

Smite Smite 25 Yes Strike at any enemy with divine magic, inflicting _ damage. This attack always hits. INT Based.

100% Hit Chance.

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