Masters' Den Chronicles
Icn heroimage
Developer(s) Dan Stradwick
Publisher(s) Monstrum
Writer(s) Dan Stradwick
Platform(s) Browser based
Release date(s) March 2012
Genre(s) TBS
Rating(s) Not rated

Monsters' Den Chronicles is a single-player fantasy role-playing game. As an entirely new game built from the Godfall codebase, it was a departure from the earlier games in the series in several respects. It featured an isometric dungeon view instead of the traditional overhead, and full-body sprites in combat instead of portraits. It also had a different structure, with the player progressing the same large group of heroes over the course of many separate adventures.The player controls a team of up to four heroes as they explore dungeons, collect treasure, and engage in a series of turn-based battles.

Chronicles is the sequel to Monsters' Den and its expansion, The Book of Dread, and is followed in the series by Godfall

Warning: This game can become addicting searching the various nooks and crannies around the lower dungeons. A bit similar to rogue-like games from the 80's in map style. The skill selection flows nicely with various mix ups of players. The fun is finding various "Set" armors and combining runes, shards and other socketables for unique item combinations. One suggests beefing up on Act 1 before setting out on other various quests.

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