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(The following is a simple overview done by LordofGilneas, if it's garbage you are welcome to delete it all. But seeing as I don't care for empty pages, it's probably better then nothing.)

Character customization Overview: Edit

Character customization allows you to customize certain aspects of your Monsters' Den party members. You can customize these aspects of a character naturally (Gender is not a changeable element as far as I can tell in Monsters' Den Chronicles, if not comment otherwise):

  • Hairstyle and hair color
  • Face and skin color (Old, Hardened, Young, and one other which I don't quite know)
  • Name and Title
  • What appears on the Default Sprite (Basically what items may be shown.)

And then there's Custom Sprites, which allow you to completely overwrite the default game sprites (Which renders item visual changes pointless). I believe there are no limitations on Sprites aside from certain give facts (Like making it far too big for a tile).

Back to game concepts.

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