2012 05 22 - v.1.2Edit

  • The “Fixed Level” campaign modifier now works correctly
  • When the game loads, any bugged/missing Emporium achievements will be awarded
  • Purchased (premium content) Sparks of Legend are re-added to the starter inventory if the player clears all saved data
  • The cost to restock the Emporium shows properly on mouseover (when you can’t afford it)
  • The cost to restock now uses a different formula, it scales more smoothly and reasonably
  • Suborned Champion is now considered a “boss”, resists Coup de Grace
  • “Mind Control” can no longer be chained indefinitely in some rare circumstances
  • Revival skills heal a minimum of 1 health, regardless of -healing or -healed penalties
  • Portal integration (Newgrounds medals, Kongregate API etc)

2012 04 26 - v1.11Edit

  • Fixes ‘black screen’ crash bug

2012 04 26 - v1.1 – Premium Content versionEdit

  • Premium Content added! New characters and campaign modifiers are available. The purchase is tied to your Armor Games account, and can be used whenever you are logged in.
  • Secondary stat bonus thresholds reduced
  • Boss monsters are not instantly killed by “Coup de Grace” – they now lose 30% of their max health
  • Ctrl shortcut in inventory is now “quick sell” rather than destroy item
  • “Auto Re-sort bag” button on inventory bags
  • Spark of Legend grants an extra enhancement slot
  • Cant use more than one Spark of Legend on the same item
  • Various other Spark of Legend-related bugs fixed
  • Some teal set items didn’t have enhancement slots, they do now
  • Store contents are properly updated when switching from local to cloud saves
  • When using “Change Formation”, styles belonging to dead characters don’t take effect
  • When switching to “Empowered” style, your current skill will be changed if you no longer have enough power for it
  • Resurrection skills can no longer have their healing component reduced below 1
  • Non-weapon attacks now scale up slightly faster
  • Changed power costs on “Heal” and “Healing Flash” (slightly)
  • “Healing Flash” cannot be used on the caster, target now loses a small amount of action
  • “Insidious Poison” cancels health regen on the target while active
  • “Flash Powder” is now a half action
  • Cleric’s “Revive” now also Anoints the target
  • Rogue’s “Deadly” style critical chance increased
  • When a summoned creature is forced to retreat, it is unsummoned
  • When you buy an item, the status message tells you which bag it went to
  • Better handling of buying items when bags are full or loot settings wouldn’t allow (items no longer lost)
  • Current difficulty setting is shown on the load saved game dialog box
  • “Double stairs bug” fixed – can no longer use ascend/descend buttons while the party is moving
  • Monster damage (in general) increases slightly slower
  • Base monster damage reduced by 10%
  • On Beginner difficulty, monster health/damage increases even more slowly
  • Soulharvester has slightly less health, damage
  • Necromancer fights in Act II have reduced enemy counts
  • Stats on many undead creatures adjusted

2012 04 12 - v1.02Edit

  • Online saving has been implemented. This requires a free Armor Games account.
  • Randomly generated items will correctly remember their number of enhancement slots
  • “Necromancer” stats have been reduced a bit
  • “Curse of Mortality” damage decreased
  • “A Martyr’s Example” shrine should no longer cause rare crashes
  • “Greater Devourer” has a description
  • Enemies should no longer try to revive disintegrated characters
  • Negative bonuses to healing now work more logically
  • Unvisited rooms will now highlight properly beyond the first floor (when mousing over %)
  • Confirmation dialogs now mention mention Cmd button as well as Ctrl (for Mac users)
  • You will not get campaign unlock messages every time you finish Act V (only the first)
  • Sorting a bag by “none” makes more sense, and unpredictable behaviour corrected
  • Character customization icon no longer shows up in the battle inspection dialog
  • Secret rooms no longer count towards the floor explored percentage (you can get 100% without them)
  • Secret rooms are easier to see

2012 04 23 - v1.01Edit

  • Slightly increased experience gain from monsters
  • Decreased xp lost from defeat penalty
  • Game prompts to increase local storage allocated for saves
  • Force save files to disk when we exit to menu
  • Fixed issues with quitting to menu during a battle then resuming
  • Additional confirmation dialog when aborting game in progress
  • Fixed item “Nomad’s Crook”
  • “Time Warp” skill has some new drawbacks
  • Beginner difficulty is now the default
  • The first time a campaign is started, force display of the difficulty select screen
  • Show the character’s portrait in level up screen
  • Add customize character button to paperdoll in inventory (was only in character screen)
  • Mouse-over text background is darker
  • Slight color hinting on item tooltips, re: Usable / Prohibited

2012 03 31 - Monsters’ Den Chronicles Launches!Edit

  • It seemed like this day would never come, but I’m very happy to announce that the new Monsters’ Den is now up on Armor Games!

2012 01 19 - Beta 2 BeginsEdit