Equipment refers, very simply, to the items which a character can be said to "equip." More concretely, equipment includes armor, weapons, rings, off-hand items,and items which can be worn on the back. Having the right equipment can affect a character's survival, as well as the skills that he can use. The character's class may put a limit on the kinds of equipment that he can wear, though there are no requirements in terms of strength or endurance.


Having a weapon in hand--any weapon--will greatly increase a character's base damage by a certain amount. In addition, many skills require a weapon, or a weapon of a certain kind. While a character can attack bare-handed, there is no advantage to doing so, and even the poorest of weapons is a substantial improvement over an empty fist.

Weapons may be divided into two broad categories: melee and ranged. Some skills may only be used in conjunction with one of these two types of weapons. Melee weapons tend to scale with the user's strength; ranged weapons may scale with dexterity or with intellect.

Weapons may require one or two hands to use. Though some off-hand items (mostly parrying daggers) inflict additional weapon damage, there is no support for proper dual-wielding.

Melee Weapon TypesEdit

Missile Weapon TypesEdit


Armor protects a character from enemy attacks, and may provide other bonuses as well. It may be made of cloth, leather, or metal. Heavier armor provides more protection, but slows a character down. Lighter armor provides very little protection, but allows a character to attack most often.

Armor TypesEdit

Other Equipable ItemsEdit

This heading captures a wide variety of items, often only usable by one or two classes. As such, they can carry a wide variety of bonuses and base values.


Back ItemsEdit

Off-hand ItemsEdit

Item Worth, Prefixes and SuffixesEdit

While delving through the dungeons, your party will find bountiful amounts of equipments. Many of those will be worthlessly in disrepair. Most will be ordinary equipment. Some however will be imbued with magical properties. The color trim of the equipment icon indicates its worth.

All items use a tier system, the tier of an item determines it attributes and stats. All tier items have a minimum requirement level to wield. An item of a higher tier in Magical quality can be easily superior to that of a lower tier Epic item.

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