Bloody Murder

Screaming is no defense.

  • One-Handed, Melee, Axe
  • 26 Weapon Damage (maybe +8 Damage per Tier)
  • +5 Armor Piercing
  • +2 Strength (+2 Strength per Tier)
  • +5 Health Steal (+5 Health Steal per Tier)
  • On attack (100%), to enemy:
    • Bleeding : 3 damage per second (+2 damage per Tier)
    • -5 Bonus When Healed
  • +1 Socket
  • -2 Quickness
  • Usable: Warrior, Ranger

Bloody Murder Bloodymurder is an epic rarity one-handed axe that provides a constant +5 armor piercing and -2 quickness penalty, as well as +2 strength/tier, +5 health steal/tier, and bleeding effect after successfully hitting an enemy that deals variable dmg/sec for 3(?) seconds and -variable bonus when healed.

  • This weapon is great for a character using a health-drain strategy.
  • The item name and flavor text come from the English phrase "screaming bloody murder" which is another way of saying "screaming really loudly". Which makes sense, since this is what most people would do when being assaulted by a madman wielding an axe.

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