• Argumentum ad Stultitiam

    This page currently contains fighting style data that I have not added to the proper pages yet.

    • Adrenaline: "Become energized by the thrill of battle."
      • While active:
        • +100 Stun Evasion
        • +10% Damage Modifier
    • Guard: "Protect allies in the back line, granting them additional Damage Protection."
      • While active:
        • Decreases damage to the back line
      • Guarded (Passive Condition)
        • +20% Damage Protection

    • Sweeping Strikes: "Attack in wide arcs, leaving the enemy nowhere to go and allowing attacks to flow into each other more naturally."
      • While active:
        • Attacks cannot be evaded
        • +2 Quickness
        • +10 Accuracy

    • Inspiring: "Lead through example. Whenever we deal damage, adjacent allies receive a damage bonus."
      • While active:
        • Damaging attacks apply 'Inspiration' to adjacent allies
      • Inspirat…

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