An Ascendant is a human transformed by entering the planar realm beyond conventional reality, absorbing mysterious energies and returning as a powerful, radiant entity capable of tremendous feats of magic.

The members of the Cult of the Outward Path all strive to become Ascendants, seeing it as the ultimate ideal of life. However, the process is a dangerous and destructive one; even if a human survives the transformation, their thought processes become warped and alien, leaving them unable to communicate with their former peers and only barely capable of even taking care of themselves. For their own safety, the Ascendants are sealed away in the deepest part of Riftstorm Keep, where they serve as the ultimate guardians against those who would seek to disrupt the insane plans of the Cult.

The Ascendants are encountered in the third level of Act I, when players battle Acolyte Runath to end the Cult's attempt at harnessing the energies of the planar realm through the Nexus Engine. When the party finds Runath, he engages them in battle with the aid of two Ascendants, two Cult Guardians, and a Planesworn. If the heroes defeat this impressive lineup, the Cult's latest scheme will fall apart, completing Act I.


Ascendants possess a variety of spells and special abilities, being able to debilitate foes and support their allies. Coupled with powerful front-line defenders such as Cult Guardians, they are nearly unstoppable.



  • Planar Gift: Revives a dead enemy with 20% health, and deals damage to the Ascendant.
02 Acolyte Runath - Boss Fight Ascendant in World I (Monsters Den Chronicles)

02 Acolyte Runath - Boss Fight Ascendant in World I (Monsters Den Chronicles)