Ambushes are possible enemy encounters within the dungeon. They appear as red triangles with exclamation marks. If the party moves in a room with an ambush icon, there is a chance that the party with be attacked. when this happens, all enemies will start with 75% initial action circle giving them the advantage of acting before the player. There is no way to tell what enemies will attack the player until it occurs.

If the player defeats the enemy group, there is a chance the ambush icon will be removed. If the icon isn't removed, the next ambush will be with a different enemy group. If the player retreats or is defeated, the same enemy group will appear if they player is attacked on the same ambush icon.

A player can bypass an ambush icon with a Scroll of Deception. The disguise will not be removed in any circumstances when passing by an ambush icon.

Note: Ambush icons does not need to be cleared to satisfy the condition of clearing out all enemies in Campaign V.