Aetherguards are imposing humanoids from the planar realm. When Neophytes use the Breach Aether move, they sacrifice themselves to summon Aetherguards to the mortal plane, simultaneously bending their wills to make them into the Cult of the Outward Path's loyal soldiers. Once summoned, they will fight to the death, after which they simply fade away as they return to their native dimension.

Aetherguards are fairly quick and extremely powerful, armed with a basic melee attack and a ranged electric spell. Their planar nature and heavy armor offer some protection against all forms of damage, but they are especially resilient against physical attacks.


Ion Bolt: Deals 70% damage to a target. Uses full action circle and 40 power.


The best anti-Aetherguard strategy is to not let the Neophyte sacrifice himself in the first place; however, this is not always possible, especially if other, more dangerous enemies are present. The best way to actually deal with an Aetherguard is to use magic attacks on it, thereby circumventing its high physical damage resistance. Otherwise, they are fairly straightforward enemies, unable to inflict any special conditions on players; if you can mitigate the damage of their attacks, they can be safely ignored until more pressing opponents are slain.