Acolytes are mages working for the Cult of the Outward Path, who support their allies by summoning additional units and casting spells that heal or buff friendly units. However, they have mediocre health, and fall quickly unless they have support from other units.

Acolyte Runath is the acolyte responsible for the creation of the Nexus Engine, and the primary target of the players' characters in Act I. He is found in the Inner Sanctum of Riftstorm Keep (Level 3, Act I), guarded by the most powerful soldiers in the entire Cult - when he and his escort are defeated, the Act is completed.



  • Magic Bolt: Ranged magic damage to a single enemy. Costs full action circle and no power.
  • Blinding Pulse: Non-damaging attack to one enemy, applies the Arcane Condition "Blinding Pulse" to that enemy (-40 Accuracy; lasts 6 seconds). Costs (?)
  • Phase Lock: Imprisons a selected enemy, applies the Arcane Condition "Phase Lock" to that enemy (-40 Quickness, +Hidden, -Quick Retreat). Costs full action circle and 75 power.


  • Energy Field: Applies the Arcane Condition 'Energy Field' to an ally (+50% magical protection, +10 Power Regeneration, level+4 Retaliation Damage; lasts 3 seconds). Costs half action and 35 power.


  • Summon Voidstalker Summon a Voidstalker in any empty tile with 50% starting action. Costs half action and 45 power.


  • Energy Flow: Heals health and restores power to all other allies. Costs full action circle and 60 power.


Acolytes are fairly weak but potentially annoying enemies, particularly if they manage to summon Voidstalkers or if they have many allies. They have no resistances and can be taken down with ease, but compensate with various defensive buffs, such as a Cult Guardian's Shield Cover or their own Energy Field. Try to focus on them before they can draw out Voidstalkers. If they do manage to summon, kill the Voidstalkers immediately; their presence will cause problems with your accuracy and evasion. Also remember that anyone with Energy Field gains high magic resistance, increased power regeneration, and a moderate retaliation effect; it may be best to ignore them until you can defeat the other enemies or dispel the buff.

In-game informationEdit

"Spellcaster and scholar, wielding the strange magics of the Cult. To pierce the void, and call forth its denizens. Or to tap into the unlimited energies beyond the veil, to energize or restore its brethren."


  • "We will find our paradise..." (start of battle)
  • "Protect me! You need me!" (Acolyte Runath's starting quote)
02 Acolyte Runath - Boss Fight Ascendant in World I (Monsters Den Chronicles)

02 Acolyte Runath - Boss Fight Ascendant in World I (Monsters Den Chronicles)