Cape of the Conquering Hero

Cape of the Conquering Hero

This heading captures a wide variety of items, often only usable by one or two classes. As such, they can carry a wide variety of bonuses and base values.


Despite having as many as ten fingers, each hero can only equip one ring at a time. A plain ring has no intrinsic value, though any ring may have sockets to allow the player to augment the ring's worth through enhancements.

Epic Rings

Artifact Rings

Back ItemsEdit

Back Items are worn on the back slot.


Cloaks can be used by all classes. They give slight protection to the user.

Epic Cloaks


Those are the equipments of the rogues. They offer an innate +10 maximum power.

Epic Bandoliers


Rangers carry those across their backs. They offer an innate +3 to quickness.

Epic Quivers

Battle StandardsEdit

Warriors hold those standards to attract attention from their foes. They increase enemy attention by 10% and the warrior's power after battle by 10%.

Epic Banners

Off-Hand ItemsEdit

Those are a variety of items carried around on the off-hand slot.


Shields are made to block blows before the reach the body. There are two types of shields, light shields and heavy shields. Light shields can be wielded by all classes except mages while only warriors and clerics are strong enough to wield heavy shields.

Epic Light Shields

Epic Heavy Shields

Parrying DaggersEdit

Parrying Daggers are the secondary weapons of rogues and warriors. They offer a nice compromise between offense and defense, not as good on the defense as a shield and not as good offensively as a nice two handed weapon.

Epic Parrying Daggers

Focus ItemsEdit

Focus Items offer +1 power regeneration innately and are usable by mages only.

Epic Focus Items


Talismans offer +10 Maximum Power innately and are usable by all classes

Epic Talismans


Lanterns offer +5 Accuracy innately and are usable by all classes.

Epic Lanterns


Censors are the incense burners of the clerics. They augment the cleric's healing ability.

Epic Censers


Tomes are cryptic books that offer knowledge to the possessor. Usable by mages and clerics alike, they improve slightly the user's chance of casting a free spell.

Epic Tomes

Artifact Tomes